About Us

What Makes Us Special?

Who we are?

W hen Dave and Michele Fox decided to open an auto body shop, foremost in our minds was the desire to change the “Image” people have of these facilities. We knew we had succeeded when customers thought they’d wandered into the wrong store – they’d never seen an auto body shop before that was so comfortable, clean, and welcoming. Our business grew rapidly by word of mouth with our satisfied customers helping to build our reputation for dedication, integrity, and customer service.

We’re a family business whose second generation has been part of our team for more than five years. We’re proud of their exceptional work ethic and are mentoring that generation to independently run the Image shops with the same devotion to our clients and art that already defines Image Auto Body.

What We Believe

We believe in restoring your vehicle’s Image. “Image” can mean a visual reproduction (such as a sculpture or painting) or an idea placed in someone’s mind (such as an idea or opinion). We at Image Auto Body embrace both these definitions. We restore your vehicle to what it was pre-accident, creating a visual reproduction that matches the Image of your vehicle you have in your mind.

Your vehicle is like a close companion, and we are devoted to making certain your friend is good as new, just like you remember. We’re not just a body shop, we’re artists and car-surgeons. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied, until the Image in front of you matches the Image in your head.