Customer Pay Claim

Managing Your Vehicle Repairs with a Customer Pay Claim

Customer pay claim process

A customer pay repair puts you in control of your repairs. At Image Auto Body, you don’t need to go through an insurance provider if you don’t want to. We will advise you on which option we think is best. It is always your choice!
The first thing to do is schedule an appointment with us to discover how much the repairs cost. During a customer pay estimate, our highly trained appraisers will review all the damages and provide you with a thorough estimate, which will specify:
  • What repairs need to be completed
  • Whether parts would be repaired or replaced
  • Whether new or used parts would be used
  • Whether the parts would be from the original manufacturer or aftermarket. If aftermarket parts are going to be used, it’s important to compare the warranty provided with the one offered on parts from the original manufacturer.

In certain instances the estimator may obtain a second opinion from one of our highly skilled technicians for their professional opinion about your vehicle. We will make sure we are repairing what you want repaired as efficiently as possible so we can return your vehicle back to you in no time and at a reasonable cost.
Once you know how much it will cost, make sure your vehicle gets repaired at a shop you trust. The place must have the right expertise and equipment to meet your needs and should provide you with a guarantee. We at Image Auto Body deliver experienced, dedicated work and can point to the testimonials of numerous satisfied customers. We ensure the quality of all our repairs and provide a lifetime guarantee as long as you are the owner of the vehicle.
When Image Auto Body is selected, the following steps in the repair are followed:
  • You sign a repair authorization form to allow us to begin the repair process
  • You provide partial down payment on our services and parts ordered.
  • We get to work!
  • Once the repairs are completed, we contact you. Before the vehicle is released back to you, we collect any outstanding balance owing for the repairs. Visit Our Process for more details.

Customer Pay Claims FAQ

1How much payment is required up-front?
When scheduling in with a customer pay claim, we require full payment of the required parts before the parts will be ordered, as there are restocking charges and non-returnable parts.
2What happens if you encounter additional things that require work during the repair process?
In the dismantle process, we may encounter more damage that could not have been viewed during the initial estimate. If so, we will immediately contact you and advise you of what needs to be done. We don’t make any additional repairs without contacting you first. The decision for everything is left up to you.
3When do you collect the rest of the payment?
After all repairs are made but before your vehicle is released back to you, we collect any outstanding balance owing for the repairs. At this time, a manager will also go over any particulars that you may wish to discuss.
4Customer Pay Checklist
If you are in a vehicular accident, make certain to do the following:
  • Get the Other Party’s Information: If you are in a collision, make sure you acquire the person’s first and last name (picture of driver’s license is always a good idea), insurance information, make and model of their car, and their license plate number.
  • Choose Customer Pay: Confirm if customer pay is the right choice for you. See Managing Your Claims – Overview for more information.
  • Select A Repair Facility: Choose the facility that’s right for you and schedule an appointment for an estimate.
  • Repair the Vehicle: Time for your car to be fixed!
Damage to your vehicle, no matter how small, can be incredibly stressful. That’s why we’re here to help you with the whole process. Schedule an appointment today and discover how we can help you and your car.