Manage Your Claim

Differences between Insurance Claim VS Customer Pay Claim?

A t Image Auto Body, we are committed to returning your vehicle to its pre-accident condition or better. A preferred shop for many major insurance companies, we handle numerous insurance claims. However, we also handle customer pay claims as well, where the client wishes to bypass the insurance company and just pay us direct.

Though you should always go through your insurance company if you have a serious accident, it can sometimes be in your own interest to choose customer pay if the situation is more minor. It allows you to avoid any hassles with your insurance company and any premium increases on your policy that would result. Consult the following table to decide your best option:

What's the Difference?

Insurance Claims Customer Pay
Insurance pays majority You pay entire repair costs
Potential premium increase (contact your insurance broker for further details) Lump sum
No down payment required You must provide down payment
An adjuster handles all invoicing, payments, and all other paperwork regarding your vehicle. No paperwork involved
If you have rental coverage, insurance company will cover car rental. Must find alternative mode of transportation.
Does the car accident involve another party and is the damage more than $1000? Is the damage less than $1000?
Is someone injured at the scene? Are there no injuries and perhaps not even another party?
Make an Insurance Claim Make a Customer Pay Claim
We will provide you with an estimate that will allow you to make an informed decision about which direction would work the best for you. Contact us to schedule a free appointment.