Our Process

Our Process

We’ve developed a process dedicated to fixing your vehicle as quick and efficiently as possible:
  • 1. Estimate

    First we collect all your pertinent information, such as name, claim number, address, phone number, and other contact information. Our estimator then goes over the accident with you and what repairs are needed. This is followed by a thorough vehicle examination (including photos), resulting in a preliminary estimate based on the damages found.
  • 2. Review Estimate

    The estimator will meet with you to discuss the estimate and what repairs need to be done. You will then be introduced to an Image Auto Body customer service representative to schedule you in for a repair appointment. If this is an insurance claim, the estimator will send your estimate to the insurance company for approval.
  • 3. Schedule-In Date

    In most cases a scheduled in-date will automatically be provided after your estimate. If not, call us to book a time for repairs. If your insurance covers a car rental, we will contact the rental provider when you arrive for your repair appointment. Your vehicle will be processed into our prewash stage where preliminary and pre-existing damage photos are taken. Once prewashed, your vehicle is ready for our production queue.
  • 4. Dismantle

    Once your vehicle has met with insurance approval and signed repair authorization, it will be partly dismantled at the damaged area to determine the damage’s extent. If there are any other damages at this stage, they are documented with photos and the proper parties are advised of the extra damage (which are called “supplements”). During the dismantle stage, all parts that have arrived for the vehicle are matched accordingly and placed securely on your “parts cart.”
  • 5. Build-Down

    The build-down stage is where the vehicle is completely dismantled and the structural work is begun. All sublet repairs are identified at this stage, which are repairs to be outsourced to other companies, such as four-wheel alignment, mechanical inspections and reapplication of the 3M stone shield (see Other Services for more information). We will also determine if sublet repairs should be completed before proceeding to body repairs or should be done after that part of the process is complete.
  • 6. Body Repairs

    Then the vehicle’s exterior is repaired. All the panels are brought back to manufactures specifications, then rust-proofed. If any panels cannot be viably repaired, then they will be replaced.
  • 7. Refinish

    Refinishing is when we return the colour to your vehicle at our state-of-the-art paint booths. We match your car’s factory colour code with paint chips from our paint company, ensuring the result is 100% accurate to the colour of your vehicle. When called for, we can use various other colour-matching techniques as well, such as “blend panels,” to make the refinishing perfect. Once the paint has been applied, the whole paint booth is put into a “bake mode,” which cures the paint so you can’t tell where our colour ends and the original factory colour begins.
  • 8. Reassembly

    Now we put your vehicle back together. All the parts that have been repaired, painted, and ordered are put back on to the vehicle and checked for gaps and fitment. All lights, dash lamps, and fluids are checked before your vehicle leaves the reassembly stall. Your vehicle has now been returned to pre-accident conditions.
  • 9. Details

    Now the vehicle gets tidied-up. We remove all the dust from the repair process, clean the interiors with an interior grade and an environmentally-friendly cleanser, and use our power washer and exterior cleanser to give the outside of your vehicle that extra shine. Our detail technician and production manager will make the final quality inspection before putting your vehicle out front for delivery!
  • 10. Vehicle Pick-Up

    Now your vehicle is ready to be picked up by you or whomever else you’ve appointed. All we require is for you to sign the final paperwork and pay any fees (such as your deductible) not covered by the insurance company. If it is a customer pay repair, we will collect the remaining balance. If you wish, an available manager will go over all the repairs with you at this point. If not, enjoy your car, now good as new!